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In the topic, I react to the ability of artificial 

intelligence that determines the way a wearer approaches clothing. Through our current applications and cookies, artificial intelligence sets the imaginary mirror of ourselves in a particular model before we physically reach the garment. At this moment,

the virtual and reality interconnections are created.

5th year/1nd semester

The speed of our virtual existence thus delays any unexpected decision in the physical presence. Dynamic form of clothing reflects the moment when clothing in the virtual world is transformed directly into the character of our avatar based on the environment in which it is located.

Dynamics of garments reflects the specific moment of shape and material transmision done on an avatar of our persona. It is done according to our relatioship to envirinment we live in. The final futuristic shape of garnishment reminds us of the neverending progress of artificial intelligence characteristic of metaphysical virtual reality, which meets sustanaible materials so important for future physical existence.

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