This is a group project for a company called jitex, which produces functional clothing. The concept was created for whole team but the final realisations were produced individualy.


2nd year/1st semester

This modern epoch necessitates us to be in

a hurry all the time.
The use of functional materials guarantees the feeling of comfort to his owner, which protects him in every situation and enables to live fully without limits.

Collection is for everyone who travels a lot from a countryside to the city, they won ́t let the treacherous elements inhabit them. But on the other side they want to look elegant all the time and they are curious about the clothes they wear. Between working responsibilities, they like to hang out with their friends, or they search for energy in the nature.

This all means that it is for people with an active lifestyle who want to believe in their own outfit.

My special elements are patches representing every visited place.
So while I will be wearing my outfit, I will never

forget where i have spend my time.